Pumpkin ojime

Made using boxwood in late summer 2017 this ojime depicts a pumpkin in anticipation of the oncoming autumn season.  The wood was lightly stained and polished using natural clay powders mixed with oil to enhance the orange and brown hues and bring out the woods natural grain. The piece measures 19mm tall and 16mm wide.

Sake Ojime

Completed early in 2017 this ojime depicts an antique sake jar.  Made from stag antler and lightly stained to create an aged appearance. Japanese black sumi has been used to highlight the details of the label. This pieces stands 25mm tall by 12mm wide.

No Face

This was the second netsuke I completed between 2013 and 2014 during the completion of my dissertation.  It represents a major learning curve in my carving skills.  It represents the character No Face from Studio ghibli's Spirited Away.  It is made from ebony and hippo tusk.