Adam Bland is a contemporary Netsuke Artist from the north of England who has studied the craft of netsuke for several years.  He has a qualifications in Fine Art and design and first discovered netsuke accidentally following a career in architectural model making.  He was drawn to the art of netsuke as they combine elements of design with fine art to create small, intricate sculptures rich with narrative and meaning.  Each netsuke requires hundreds of hours of skilled work to reach completion and can take many months to produce.  In a busy world of deadlines, mass production and next day delivery, netsuke offer a refuge of patience and contemplation.

Adam is continually seeking to develop his knowledge and skills of Japanese art and crafts.  Through this he hopes to raise awareness of netsuke as an art form and raise the profile of contemporary netsuke by making beautiful objects for others to enjoy.  His pursuit of this art form is not limited to finished sculptures but also in the production of hand tools and mastery of complex techniques needed for their production.  Many of the skills and techniques are an art in themselves.

These skills and techniques are also put to use in the preservation and restoration of antique Japanese artwork.

Anyone interested in discussing netsuke, restoration services or commissions should get in touch using the contact form on the For Sale page.

Regular updates of my work can also be found on instagram