Netsuke are functional items which often acquire wear and tear in their long life of use.  Some of this adds to their richness and character.  In other instances it detracts from their beauty and may seriously compromise the fabric and stability of a piece.

Sympathetic restoration and conservation can often revitalise a tired or damaged antique, bringing it back to life and preserving it for future generations.

My approach to restoration seeks to respect the age and character, preserving what makes each piece unique and does not attempt to make it look brand new.

Some examples of work I can undertake include but are not limited to;

Replacement of missing appendages

Repairing splits and cracks

Replacement of missing inlay such as eyes

Cleaning and revival of wood

If you are considering having a piece restored or conserved please contact me to discuss my restoration services for antique netsuke or similar items.  I will only undertake work I feel able to complete to a high standard.  Any work I do not feel able to complete to a high professional standard I will be open and honest about.

As restoration is unique to each piece it is not possible to provide a price list but all costs would be discussed and agreed upon prior to commencement of any work.

Please use the contact form below if you have any pieces you wish to discuss.