New Partnership

I am pleased to announce that some of my work is now available for sale with Robert Willford Japanese Art. Robert is an antique dealer and buyer of Japanese Netsuke and Laquer art. His new partnership with myself represents his first step into contemporary netsuke and I hope his participation will encourage collectors and a wider audience to see netsuke as a living art form. My first two pieces for sale with himself are Heralds of Autumn and Red Handed. Please to the time to explore his website to see many beautiful antiques and access to informative articles. You can also find him on instagram where he provides regular updates.

Red Hand 2019

I will also be supporting Robert on his dealers table at the 2019 International Netsuke Society Convention in Paris from October 24th to the 28th. The INS convention is an opportunity for collectors and dealers from all over the world to meet every two years to learn about netsuke and associated Japanese arts, as well as to buy and sell antiques. In the past contemporary netsuke artists have featured within the convention and at times the wider INS publications. The popularity of contemporary netsuke has fluctuated though there have been artists who have been consistent over the past few decades such as Clive Hallam. This year during the convention there is going to be a number of contemporary artist display cases and possibly an artists evening where we can discuss and show our work with any curious people.  This will hopefully help to raise the profile of contemporary netsuke outside of the Japanese market.

Heralds of autumn, himotoshi

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